• Синиша Мишић Одељење за историју, Филозофски факултет – Универзитет у Београду Међународни центар за православне студије, Ниш – Србија


The aristocratic character of the higher ranks of the Serbian Orthodox Church and its archbishops, had been visible since the foundation of the autocephaly church. At that time, as its head had been appointed Sava Nemanjić, in the everyday life prince and head of the province. His direct successor had been a member of the esteemed noblemen and had been educated directly under Sava`s supervision. With Sava II (Predislav) the Serbian church had again had prince and ruler`s brother as its head. All Serbian archbishops after him, were of noble origin. Among them, the emphasize should be put on Danilo II, who was, without any doubt from the ranks of the highest nobility. His relation to the ruling family is not clear enough, but some sort of family connection could not be excluded. From the event with monastery of Hilandar and Catalonian mercenaries it could be seen that Danilo was capable soldier and personally wealthy man. The leadership of the Serbian Church will keep its aristocratic character until the end of the Middle Ages.


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