• Давид Перовић


The key problem of perfectly healthy and normal people in the future will not primarily be their compatibility with artificial organisms - humanoids and androids! Even now that is not their primary problem, now when far simpler constructions and gadgets are being used!

The key problem for all of us has been and will remain the question whether we will consider every fellow-man, including handicapped, worthy or unworthy of majority of normal people?! For example, whether ever again at Venice Biennial or at any other biennial their charisma will be neglected as nonexistent? Neglect charisma of love as predominant?

Furthermore, shall we continue avoiding our retarded and handicapped fellow- man, despite the fact that throughout the course of his life he exerts poverty in spirit, and liveliness, joy and benevolence?! And them comes the subject of our ancestors` influence and their gifts to us! For, we should keep in mind that, beside imperfection, they had endless plenitude of humanness, and potential for endless plenitude of godmanhood?!

Among themes of anthropological models, the theme of transformation and deification is central! Christ, being simultaneously its Prototype and Eschatotype is its very inexhaustible model, and source!


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